Harp Farmer’s Mission “Stop Defaming Punjab” Gone Viral

The startling figures of drug abuse in Punjab have been making rounds in various news reports. Unfortunately there is complete absence of empirical data or research studies, which can form the basis of claims made by various politicians. The statements like “70% of the Punjabis are drug addicts” are hampering the growth of Punjabis not only nationally but bringing bad name to the state internationally. Pained by the defamation of Punjab, Harp Farmer, the well-known artist of Punjab started a drive against this negative agenda through his page “Stop Defaming Punjab” (https://www.facebook.com/StopDefamingPunjab/). He put his video encouraging Punjabis to come forward tosupport the mission. The video garnered 2.9 lakh organic views, 11000 likes, 1100 shares and 2900 comments within 4 days. Prominent celebrities like Daler Mehendi, Babbu Mann, Ankur Singh Patar and Guru Randhawa supported his mission on social media with their selfie videos.  Over 500 videos have already been posted by youth of Punjab.