Kila Raipur tournament honours victorious players with desi ghee

In a tournament at Kila Raipur, a Ludhiana village famous for ‘Rural Olympics’, distributed 46 kg desi ghee along with trophies, medals and cash prizes, among winners of second volleyball and desi khedan (traditional games), a village level tournament, on Tuesday.
To give out ghee as a prize was the idea of village NRIs, who, like last year had sponsored the tournament.
Paramjit Singh Grewal, one of the organisers from the village said, “In Punjab, honouring players with desi ghee may be a new idea but in countries like Canada, Australia or the US, it’s quite common in tournaments organised by Punjabis.” Grewal further said, “It is more motivating than medals and trophies. Mothers will also be happy that their sons have brought desi ghee home.”
Winners of the tournament, Bhavjeet Singh Grewal and Barjung Singh Grewal were given 5 kg ghee each, and three best teams –Jodh, Burjung and Shaheed Baba Dhumaji club,that had six players each were individually given 2 kg desi ghee along with cash prize of Rs 6,100, Rs 4,100, and Rs 2,100, respectively.
Baljeet Singh, an elderly spectator said, “We are grateful to our NRIs for organising this tournament as such events keep the youngsters connected to sports. We are also impressed that players were awarded with desi ghee as it is ghee and other milk products that give you real energy.”
The tournament was organised in memory of Rajwinder Singh Raju who was a famous hockey player of the village.