‘Stop Defaming Punjab’ :Drugs Campaign by Harp Farmer’s!

Punjab is known for its rich heritage, culture and tradition world widely. It is the land of gurus, Pirs and legands who have always sacrificed their lives gor the country. Punjabis have always been honest, hardworking and generous people. Our culture and religion is gaining great recognition and affection across the nation.

But the saddest part on this ground is that the beauty of Punjab is getting hampered by the political parties calling the Punjabi’s “drug addicts”.

Harp Farmer has started a campaign “Stop Defaming Punjab” fighting for native land and spreading the consciousness to not let the personal agenda of a few politicians destroy what Punjab stands for.

This campaign by Harp is getting a huge and positive response for raising a loud cry against corrupt politicians defaming their own land on drugs.

The news reports have the staggering figures about the drug abuse in Punjab. These are the claims made by various politicians which has no empirical data or research studies. The statement presented by them says that 70%  of the Punjabi are drug addict , thereby hampering the  growth of Punjabis not only nationally but bringing bad name at the international level also.

Harp farmer, the well- known artist of Punjab started a drive against the negative agenda of Punjab defamation. Pained by this  he commenced the campaign ’Stop Defaming Punjab’ .as he realized that people paint all the Punjabis in the negative color of being drug addict. But these colors presented are not true.

He aims at presenting the positive and true picture of Punjab and wants to clear the mythology all around regarding drug abuse prevailing in Punjab. He encourages Punjabis to come forward to support the mission. As it is shame that the growth of Punjab youth is getting hampered because of some people who are presenting the glory picture of Punjab for their selfish gains.He wants to restore the pride of Punjab and has requested people to stop defaming it.

The Lipi Foundation is a social organisation working in the space of Family Counselling and digital awareness and aims to construct better communications tools for common masses. The social organization was already running a campaign called “From Shame to Pride” which aims at improving communication in the social sector. The Lipi Foundation is already running a drive “From Shame to Pride” to end stereotyping. Lipi foundation intend to bring the unbiased and positive side of the region to the forefront.

Drugs is a national problem and its just not prevailing in Punjab as all the Punjabis are not the consumer of drugs. The youth of Punjab is full of talent and is excelling in every field. Lipi Foundation and Harp Farmer plan to do awareness campaign in different colleges and villages across Punjab, to edify the youth against the social evil of drug abuse.